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Resume Checklist

Learn the 7 Essentials of a Resume and a Unique 3 Resume Strategy

New to Writing Resumes?

Maybe it's just been while?

Would you like a quick overview of what needs to be in your resume AND what doesn't - for 2016?

Do you wish that someone would just write it all out for you - but not so much info it takes forever to read?

Would you like to learn what happens when you upload your resume into one of those 'online' application systems? Or what doesn't? Would you like to learn how to make sure it gets through?

How about a resume strategy that will not only help you stand out on paper, but will also help you to do better during first impressions with a recruiter, and ultimately, the interview.

This resume checklist will give you an head start on competing for jobs when separating yourself from others is imperative.

Enjoy the free information!

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Your Instructor

Jennifer Little-Fleck
Jennifer Little-Fleck

Hi! I'm Jennifer, your official course instructor!

These courses come from all my personal experiences rolled up into a nice, neat package for you to learn from and hopefully be much more successful than I was at this upon graduation.

Yes, I was there where you were, with no idea how to get a job. How to write a resume. How to interview. Ugh - my first phone call with a recruiter: disastrous. Remind me to tell you about it sometime. I don't think they could hang up fast enough and they were too stunned to laugh at me.

I was determined, and learned along the way a key piece of information: it's all about problem solving. Find their problem, and be the solution. So that's what I want to do for you. Teach you all I've learned about how to do that by being Smart and BOLD in your approach.