Resume Quickstart

Learn the 7 Essentials of a Resume and a Unique Strategy to help you STAND OUT

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Does the thought of writing a resume make you WANT to clean your kitchen instead?

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Would you like a concise explanation of what needs to be in your resume AND what doesn't?

Would you like to know the 7 Essential Elements of a resume? How about the optional ones? And then there's those things to NEVER add...

Would you like to learn what happens when you upload your resume into one of those 'online' application systems? Or what doesn't?

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How about a resume strategy that will not only help you stand out on paper, but will also help you to do better during first impressions with a recruiter, and ultimately, the interview?

This mini-course on writing resumes will give you a head start on competing for jobs when separating yourself from everyone else is the only way to get ahead.

This course includes my Smart Bold Job Search (SBJS) Resume QuickStart Workbook as well as the exact formula I've used to write resumes that land multiple job interviews and offers.

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This is for people who understand what a lemming is and have vowed not to be one.

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